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A Word From The Inventor Stan Stanley

I enjoy gardening and grow chrysanthemums and carnations. Because of my age, a variety of joint conditions and surgeries gardening has become a painful ritual. There were times when, on my knees, I found it not possible to muster the strength to raise myself to a standing position without support. Truth to tell it was almost as difficult getting down on one knee. I felt that life was being cruel to me, an ageing gardener, and that I must do something about it. I used an old shovel handle and fashioned a round piece of ¾” plywood and secured to the handle with a dowel. The transformation was instant. I could get down, shuffle myself around on my knees and raise myself up to a standing position totally without pain. My conclusions were supported by family members and friends who became united in their enthusiasm and many wanted the product. There was obviously a message here. I could help countless thousands of senior citizens and others who, perhaps, were recovering from surgery or sports injuries.

My vision and objectives became clear. I decided to make the product many know and love as ‘EZ-Riser’. The initial design was modified many times to improve effectiveness, leverage and a rubber safety foot was attached for use inside the home. The product had to be protected through a patenting process in the United States, Canada and elsewhere. The EZ- Riser is available at garden centers, hardware stores and departments stores everywhere and simple to purchase on this web site.

Stan Stanley, Inventor
Pitt Meadows, B.C. Canada

About The EZ-Riser

Many older people and persons in rehabilitation suffer aches and pains when lowering their bodies and returning to a standing position.

The deteriorating ageing process causes muscle atrophy resulting from physical abuse and gravity. This in turn causes compaction upon nerves thus creating stress and pain.
The EZ-RISER functions by transferring energy needed to raise the body from muscles in the lower back and knee joints to the arm and shoulder thus relieving pain and discomfort.

The EZ-RISER enhances lifestyle and enables the prolonging of activities such as gardening and sports that might otherwise be denied.


Please note that the EZ-RISER is designed to make your active life more comfortable. It allows far easier body movement and, as you get older, extends the time you spend in the home and garden. The EZ-RISER is not, nor is it intended as a medical device and in no way claims to cure the causes of aches and pains associated with, for instance, permanent and aggressive diseases like arthritis. It simply makes it more comfortable getting up and down.